Team Building Activities

A brief description of just some of the team building activities that are experienced at The Great Escape.

Tyrolean Traverse
Traverse across the steep gorge whilst clipped in on the steel wire.

Escape Wall
Get yourself and your team over the wall by building a structure to achieve this. Great team work needed to achieve the challenge!

Gutter & Ball
You and your team need to get the ball in the basket quicker than your opponents. Sounds easy? However, you cannot move your feet when the ball is in your gutter!

Totem Pole
Retrieve the bucket from inside the contaminated area using the equipment provided. Build a structure that will reach in and get the bucket without dropping it!

Crate Stack
Build the milk crate tower as high as you can. You & your team will need to find solutions to maximise the number of crate and reach the top wire!

Great Escape Challenge
Navigate your way around our 120 acre site overcoming the physical & mental challenges along the way.

Build your own raft or floating device with the materials provided, then complete the challenges set out on the water!

Signal Fires
Teams gather and build fires for ready for when an aeroplane from a nearby air field comes and buzzes the site to look for them. When the teams hear the plane they rush to light their fires.
Teams with the most flames/smoke win!

Fire Stations
Teams build & light their fire to burn through the rope to release the crystal and win the challenge. This is all about speed & precision.

Shelter Building
Teams are given time to build their shelter over the course of their stay at The Great Escape. At the end of the camp each shelter is inspected and has to cope with a bucket of water being poured over it. The shelter that remains driest inside and looks the best wins!

Quad Tyres
The whole team must make their way over four tyres, using only 2 planks and not touching the ground.

Toxic Pyramid
None of the team members can enter the contaminated area around the pyramid. The team must come up with a solution of how to reach the decontaminating agent that is hanging from the pyramid with the equipment provided.


Team building activities at The Great Escape