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What was the objective of your Great Escape event?
We have run a Leadership Academy for our middle managers over the past 8 years with the primary objective to enable them to enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities to lead and manage at a more senior level, thus providing us with the succession in to all levels of management across our hotel portfolio. The programme is run-in house i.e. we write and deliver the programme and also host each of the 8 primary input sessions within our own portfolio.
In 2014 we realised that we needed to push the boundaries of our newly created academy group and we decided to use the skills and capability of The Great Escape.

What was the outcome of the event?
The programme was all run outdoors – slightly outward bounds based you could say with a good selection of varied command tasks which tested the planning, communication, listening, creativity skills of the group, along with a competitive slant requiring them to beat times, raise money and be the best! All of which was part of my brief.
The feedback from the team after the 2 day event which was hosted in The Great Escape location in Shropshire consisted of the following; “best two days training ever, really pushed me to think differently, I will definitely think about how I will approach tasks in the future, I will never forget The Great Escape.

How would you sum up the experience?
The event was such a success that we decided to re-engage The Great Escape 6 months after this session and half way through this groups Academy experience to take them to the next step in their learning journey. On this occasion they created an environment within the grounds of one of DVV Venues and created a contamination task over two days, which developed the same skills, as previously worked upon but at the next level. Through my team observing the 2 day experience we will able to really provide first rate feedback to each of the group as to their own performance and their key objectives going forward in order for them to reach their goals.

Joanne Monk – People & Development Director